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The Beauty Lies in the Details

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The Ideal Indoor & Outdoor Tile

Tiles with superior durability, proven to last a lifetime.

We Manufacture, Sell, and Ship Direct to you!

Cement Tiles

Known for Unique Patterns & Durability
Create a unique look to embellish any project or surface.

Zellige Tiles

Create a Traditional Moroccan Appearance
Perfect imperfections and remarkable colors

The sublime in design, the authentic in the manufacture, and the excellence in quality.

The Sublime

With TassemiT’s exceptional aesthetics in our products, it allows our customers to create spaces with strong cachet. Brilliant or matte, with platel and splashy colors, each tile is unique and customizable on demand.

The Authentic

Each product is handmade and respects traditional Moroccan craftsmanship. The old-fashioned manufacturing processes and the use of 100% natural materials help respect the environment.

The Excellence

Choosing TassemiT products is a reward to the skills of our outstanding craftsmen.

Our craftsmen hand shape every piece to create beautiful imperfections.